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To get generic flomax online of the disease, it is important to know what it is and how it is treated. This disease refers to fungal infections, the pathogen affects mononuclear phagocytes, and suppresses the immune system. Other names for the pathology are reticuloendothelial cytoplasmosis or Darling's disease. There are several types of the disease. The population is most often infected in certain countries, for example, a high incidence rate is noted in Central and South America, in the southwest of the United States, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Moreover, 2 times more often the fungus is observed in males, young children and the population with a weakened protective function of the body. Fungus cells remain viable in dry soil for up to 4 years (they die at temperatures from 50�55 degrees), and in water for 60 days.

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A large number of spores are observed in the soil, where they multiply rapidly after rain and then enter the air.

In Canada and US, Darling's disease is practically not observed, often only tourists who have lived in infected areas for a long time become infected. However, it is strongly recommended that everyone familiarize themselves with the first signs and methods of treating pathology in order to buy flomax online dangerous consequences. Ways of infection and risk groups. The fungus lives in soil and air, it can also be in a poultry farm, in the excrement of bats, dogs, chickens, pigeons and other animals. Caves, abandoned wells, old hollows in trees, and even air conditioners in cars or rooms are dangerous. Often, villagers, mine workers, archaeologists and cave explorers are infected. The infection settles in the respiratory organs when inhaling air contaminated with spores.

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Lung histoplasmosis is not transmitted from an infected person or animal to a healthy one, so you can safely contact with patients.

First of all, fungal spores settle on the respiratory organs (mucous membranes of the nose, larynx, bronchi, lungs), then descend into the gastrointestinal tract. After that, they penetrate into phagocytes and are carried throughout the body with blood. There are frequent cases of infection through cuts or wounds on the skin. Despite the fact that the symptoms of many diseases are similar, there are significant differences. ways of transmission, development and causative agents of the disease. Some of them are described in the table.

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Pathology Pathology of the disease The source of the disease Path of complication of histoplasmosis Histoplasma Capsulatum soil of air-white fibrosis of the lungs, heart failure, encephalopathy of pneumococcus pneumococcus, staphylococcus, pseudoscopic sticks, mycoplasma Airborne or transplaspetory Plair Plural Part shock, acute respiratory failure, jade flu Influenza virus Sick person Airborne Pneumonia, otitis media, pericarditis, hemorrhagic syndrome, sinusitis.

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Earlier it was said that some US states are considered to buy generic tamsulosin online places on the planet. Most cases are observed near the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. This is explained by high humidity, soil characteristics, a large number of bats, through whose excrement the infection spreads. Massively ill tourists return after exploring caves in South or East Africa. Signs of infection and stage of the disease.


The duration of the development of Darling's disease depends on the type of disease and the person's immunity. Doctors distinguish between acute and chronic histoplasmosis of the lungs. The incubation period lasts 1-2 weeks, sometimes it can increase up to 25 days. Development occurs in the following order.

More than 80% of people do not notice the symptoms of histoplasmosis, the disease is diagnosed only during examination or testing for another reason. So, the course of tamsulosin pills is accompanied by the following symptoms. Initially, the disease does not cause obvious changes, a person is only concerned about a temporary increase in body temperature (it lasts 2-4 days), weakness and fatigue. Then new signs appear. severe pain in the temples (or forehead) and chest, cough with purulent sputum, fever up to 40 degrees, profuse sweating, weakness, fever, stool disturbance and nausea.

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